We send you students!

  • If you are a language teacher, we can help you find students.
  • Fill out the form below and we will put you on the website and start matching you with students.
  • When we have a student for you, we send you an email with the students information and also introduce you to the student. You then contact the student and arrange the lessons with them.
  • You pay us a fee equivalent to 2 lessons after you have been paid by the student.
  • We coordinate the introduction only. You will still be a freelance teacher and will need to manage paying taxes, and arranging a place and time for the lessons. There is no contract and the relationship is based on the honor system.
  • We advertise a set fee per one hour lesson on the site, but sometimes the rates can be adjusted based on location/special content/length of lessons/etc.
  • Students are notified that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy and they will be charged unless they give sufficient notice. It is up to you to enforce any cancellation fees.

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